Care and Feeding of Crystals

Care and Feeding of Crystals - Luminary Studios

How do I clean my crystal?

Washing in lukewarm water (be careful of thermal shock) and wiping with a paper towel will clean grime from a crystal in most cases. If needed, a bit of detergent or soap can help to degrease your tool. Be very careful not to drop your crystal in the sink, as it can become very slippery while soapy (a very good exercise in staying present).  

How do I clear my crystal of unwanted energies after using it in session?

While there are several methods, including leaving it in sand in the sun, or clearing with breath work, we find the simplest, fastest, and most effective method to be holding the crystal in a cupped hand, pouring a bit of salt (table or Kosher table salt) onto the crystal, then bringing the intention to clear the crystal forth in a prayer, or however you are comfortable stating that, while rinsing it under lukewarm water. (We ask God to clear it----why mess around?)

Tips on tips:

Part of the lesson, if you will, in having a finely tuned (and sharply pointed) crystal, is in staying present and grounded while handling them. Be very careful who you let handle your valuable crystals. Be careful of rings, watches, kitties (especially Bengal  kitties for those in the know), and even friends who you would think would know better.  We keep our crystals out on our altar, so we can all enjoy the energy which fills our living space.  And things do occasionally get ‘dinged’.  You need to determine whether your environment is safe for full time display. You might want to consider putting them away when you have company.

Can I still use my crystal even if the tip is slightly chipped?

In most cases yes. The energies coming through and around the crystal  are not limited to the very tip.  A small ding should not adversely affect  the power of the tool. Trust your feelings on this. If something does get damaged, it can be easily repaired in most cases (see REPAIRS & IMPROVEMENTS).